About Coach Gambrell

Coach Gambrell began running to clear his head and decided to join his high school cross country team during his junior year. While pursuing a degree in Chemistry at Kennesaw State University, Coach Gambrell continued his growth as a runner and a coach by volunteering to coach at a local high school. After completing his chemistry degree in 2013, he began his teaching and head coaching career at Hillgrove HS. Since then, Coach Gambrell has established Hillgrove as one of the top programs in Georgia. Under his leadership, his teams have won one state championship, two county championships, and four region championships. Coach Gambrell has also led four teams and 11 individual athletes to podium finishes at the state meet in cross country and track. Over the past eight years, 17 of Coach Gambrell's athletes have gone on to run in college.

Coach Gambrell is a USATF Level 3 and World Athletics Level 5 certified coach in endurance. These certifications are the highest certifications given by both USATF and World Athletics.

Girls under Coach Gambrell's guidance have achieved times of 2:14(800m), 5:04(1600m), 10:59(3200m), and 18:19(5k XC).

Boys under Coach Gambrell's guidance have achieved times of 1:59(800m), 4:26(1600m), 9:31(3200m), and 15:14(5k XC).


Coaching Philosophy

Consistent To Great

Coach Gambrell's approach to training lies in the idea that consistent work over an extended period of time will result in improvement. He recognizes today that many athletes are unwilling to put in the necessary work for an extended period of time to yield their desired results. As James Clear discusses in his book Atomic Habits, an athlete who gets 1% better each day will end the year 37x better than they started. With this idea in mind, Coach Gambrell designs training that focuses on consistent development. It is the sum of many weeks of training that leads to big performances, not one "homerun" workout. 

To maximize athlete potential, Coach Gambrell develops individualized training plans based on their goals and current fitness level. This individualized approach will ensure that the athlete's unique needs are met, and they can put in consistent work week after week. 


Why Tadashi Elite?

Being of Japanese decent, Coach Gambrell's middle name is Tadashi. Two of Coach Gambrell's former runners came up with the name Tadashi Elite as a club team name to use in post season races. 

With a meaning rooted in devotion and loyalty, Tadashi Elite athletes embody these characteristics in their approach to training, racing and life.  

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Why the gear?

The gear represents consistency. For factories and machines to run correctly, the gear must run consistently, day in and day out. Like in training, the gear has a specific speed at which it must turn for all other components to work effectively. The consistent turning by the gear results in the consistent production of products. Consistent training over an extended period of time will result in improvement. Tadashi Elite training focuses on specific training paces each day to maximize athlete potential through consistent training day in and day out.