About the Final Surge App

Tadashi Elite athletes will receive free access to the #1 app for coaches and athletes! This app streamlines the training process so that athletes can focus their time and energy on training and maximizing their potential!

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Sync with major platforms, apps and devices!

Final Surge syncs with major platforms like Garmin, Coros and Strava so that athletes can easily upload their training. This streamlines the upload process so that the information provided to Coach Gambrell is as accurate as possible. This helps to design personalized training to maximize athlete potential.

Pain and Injury Reporting (PAIR)

Final Surge has a unique feature that allows you to log aches and pains you have during training. This can help you identify when specific pain starts to help identify injuries. This provides valuable, real-time data to Coach Gambrell so he can adjust your training accordingly.

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Direct Communication with Coach Gambrell!

Athletes are able to leave comments on each run to provide more information to Coach Gambrell. This can help him know how you were feeling on a run or if a workout was too hard. Athletes are also able to direct message Coach Gambrell with any questions they have regarding training. This information allows Coach Gambrell to easily design the optimal training plan based on the athlete's current situation and fitness.

Detailed Workout Analysis

Final Surge provides a detailed workout analysis that provide information such as pace, heart rate, elevation and cadence. This data is important and helps Coach Gambrell better understand how specific runs and workouts went for the athlete so he can design the most optimal training from week to week.

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